What the doctor said

Hey folks

So, this isn’t necessarily easy to post, but given that I’ve been open with the history, I guess I need to be open with the present and future. Perhaps I was hoping that at least part of the cancer in my body was going to be “history”….

When they opened me up, they discovered what the doctor termed “seeds of cancer” on the abdominal wall, in particular on the right-hand side of my body. I’m not really sure of the extent of it; bottom line is that the doctor didn’t want to proceed with complicated surgery that might result in delayed healing and allow these seeds to grow into full fledged tumors. That would be bad.

So, it’s time for me to heal up and get back on chemo. I have a lovely incision from sternum to groin that needs to heal.

As far as future options, there is a procedure that they do here called HIPEC that might be an option down the road. And there are some other options to treat the abdomen. The pelvic area is just tricky to treat. I’ll need to meet with the oncologist here to determine a treatment plan.

I can’t lie. I feel defeated. But life goes on, as they say. People tell me to stay positive, but I don’t really know what that means. I’m going to stay eternal. For some reason that gives me a lot more comfort.

Thanks again for all of the support and prayers. We feel so covered in love, and I know that this is strong testimony to the present reality of resurrection life. It isn’t easy, but I know Christ is using this trial to transform me, Kim, my kids, and my family and friends into who we were really meant to be. When I look at pictures of myself from when I was younger, I’m struck at least as much as how I’ve aged physically as I have grown spiritually. And I really wouldn’t wish to go back.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder that while the world encourages us to be positive, God’s Word encourages us to keep our thoughts on that which is eternal. Praying that the Spirit’s transforming power will continue to do that for you, Kim, your awesome kids, and all of us who are hidden in Christ and tempted to see the earthly more than the heavenly. We love you both!


  2. Michael Carlson says:

    Brent, Rachel and I were just speaking of you and what you and your family are going through. I don’t even know you but for a second at a reunion in ATL, but I consider you my friend by how I have come to know you these past couple of days. You, Kim and your family are in my thoughts and prayers and dreams, and have been fore days. I have read every post you have written within moments of the postings. I thank you for your words and your loving touch of them. I have personally taken to heart what you have written and communicated about your thoughts. Keep them coming. With all the love in the world, Mike


  3. Nancy Perrine (Koch's Mom) says:

    Brent,I would feel peeved when people always told me to stay positive. I can only reshare that each time I had a negative, hopeless-seeming turn in my cancer journey, the outcome was a surprise out of the blue, which I never could have anticipated….whether that could for you be a different procedure, new trials, miraculous healing….we’re not here to figure it out, but we are to be open to the wonder of it. Continuing prayers for all of you….


  4. 2112thman says:

    Im more and more proud of you and love you my brother.

    Tony Rutherford 770-235-5282


  5. Nancy Lester says:

    You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers for we love you dearly.

    Nancy Lester


  6. Konda Johnson says:

    We are praying for you and your family!!


  7. Nancy Perrine (Koch's Mom) says:

    you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers for you to see some positive and hopeful turn in this journey


  8. Ali Gilliam says:

    We are continuing to cover y’all with prayer. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


  9. Nick Brannen says:

    Love you brother.


  10. Sue Kruithof (Erin's mom) says:

    Brent & Kim,
    I mention both your names because this journey belongs to both of you. I am fighting for you in prayer from Virginia. God’s power has no boundaries and if you struggle to pray , be comforted that the Holy Spirit and fellow Christians are crying out to God for you. Thank you for your blog. The faith you cling to is inspiring!


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