Harold and the Purple Crayon

In 1955, Crocket Johnson released a book titled “Harold and the Purple Crayon,” and it became a classic. It was followed by a short film in 1959 (you can watch it on YouTube, of course). The story is very simple:  a small boy, Harold, wishes to have an adventure.

A few good men. Or as good as it gets.

“You can’t handle the truth!” Those that have seen the film “A Few Good Men” know this scene well. Jack Nicholson, as Marine Col Jessup, screaming at Tom Cruise’s character, Naval lawyer Lt Kaffee, dressing him down for attempting to hold him accountable for the death of a Marine.

Thoughts from a morning ride

Panting, sweating, recovering, I just finished a short bike ride that about finished me. On the last hill, my heart pounding, legs resisting my will, I looked up and assessed the distance, and told myself to push it. I could make it. Then I looked down and watched as the road slipped under my wheel….


Greetings friends and family. I spent the past weekend at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, in Conyers, GA. My wife had been urging me to visit for a couple of years now. When she senses my getting anxious and emotional, I think she feels that solitude is what I need–some time to reflect and refresh. I…