Cycle 1: Days 1-4

Greetings folks Well, I’m finally going to start a new treatment. There were a few hitches (as usual), but Kim and I are on our way to Nashville for a long weekend to begin the new trial. The first day will be 12 hours, and then I have to come in on Saturday and Monday….

The Prophetess of Waffle House

Happy weekend friends and family. This post is just a small story. Some may recall a post that I wrote back in January of last year called Mustard (Mustard Post). In it I tell the story of a waitress, Ms V, at our local Waffle House on 441 in Watkinsville, when she gave me an…

Encouraging news

Hey folks It was a long day, but it wound up very encouraging.

Dust and Gold

Hey folks, Kim and I are headed to Nashville today. The folks at Sarah Cannon will  be running tests (MRI, CT, bloodwork, eye exam, etc) to see if I’m a solid candidate for the trial.

Sheepish Update

Sheep. That’s what we are and that’s how I feel right now, kinda. 10 minutes after I posted the “Hyperbolic Understatement” post, I received a call from the research nurse at Sarah Cannon telling me that the IRB had approved the study that my oncologist wants to put me on. Sooo, I don’t know many…

Hyperbolic Understatement

Is the title worthy of copyright? These two words were my response to a statement from one of my 15-year old daughters this morning, Sam, who is home sick. I was plodding around the house this morning getting myself ready for work, trying to break out of a mental and physical funk. From the couch,…