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Hello it’s brent’s daughter Caroline here writing this blog post. I know he’s been extremely inactive on here the past couple months. Things have been hard and sadly yesterday at 12:00 am my dad passed away. After a long 6 year battle with cancer, my dad went home to be with Jesus. Their will be a visitation at Lord and Stephens Funeral Home in Watkinsville from 6-8 on friday, and then a memorial service at 11:00 on Saturday at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Please feel free to comment how this blog impacted your lives.

With love,


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  1. Christopher Thurmond says:

    I was blessed to serve Christ’s Kingdom with Brent. You will hear amazing things about your father, and I am sure you and your sweet family know, they are all true. His blogs were both painful and hopeful – a true image of the Christian walk in a fallen world – but always firm in the hope we have in Christ. Prayers for your family. Grief is real, even knowing that Brent was a faithful son of God.


  2. Courtney Boehlke says:

    Brent’s love for God and faithfulness helped me through many of my own dark times. He was a blessing to me and will be greatly missed. I know that he is now in God’s arms now free from all the pain and suffering of this world.


  3. Laura Hill says:

    Thank you, Caroline. You and your dad and your family have been stronger than any family should have to be. Your dad’s writing has been inspirational and is a gift that he has shared with us all. My thoughts are with you and your family. Jeff and I worked with your mom at CAPS and we remember when you were born and we care very much about you all. I am deeply sorry for your loss.


  4. jdrakephd says:

    We love you Caroline (and Kim, Joy, Sam and Owen). Your dad meant so very much to me and I will miss him deeply. I remember fondly the many times he shared with me a thought about one or another of you over eggs and coffee at J. Christopher’s after dropping you at school. He was proud of you and loved you deeply. I admire the way he lived out his journey on this blog, vulnerable, living a life of service and love. He was a model of faithfulness in his life and his death. Grace and peace.


  5. Shanae Bradley says:

    I read this blog every chance I got. I shared it with my church family and small group and not only were we praying for Brent, but constantly inspired by his incredible humility and unwavering love for God. I may not have gotten a chance to meet him personally, but he was a true testament of a follower of Christ and I can only hope that I will have the faith and trust in God that he did. Rest peacefully with your Heavenly Father, Bent and thank you so very much for serving Him in a way that blessed so many while you were here on Earth.


  6. Barry Elder says:

    Hi Caroline. I look forward to meeting you. Your Dad and I grew up on Lake Burton and we hadn’t seen each other for years. This past year he and I reconnected through FB and text. We finally got together last Thursday. We were in the process of rekindling our relationship when he passed. I regret not doing it sooner. I will miss your father tremendously. He was a very kind gentleman. Please let me know how I can make things a little easier for you and your family as I live very close. Take care.
    Cousin Barry


  7. Amanda says:

    I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with Brent several years ago at UGA. He was so smart and kind. Much love to you and your family.


  8. Kate Patterson and family says:

    Caroline, though we don’t know you well, we grieve with you all and are so very thankful for your father’s faith. This blog has been such an encouragement and will be an everlasting testimony to God’s faithfulness! Thankful for the Res and RPC community and for all of your friends and family surrounding you all. It’s truly a joy to see the hands and feet of Jesus loving so well. We pray for Joy and hope as you celebrate his life over the next few days and for peace in the days and months to come!


  9. When I met Brent back in 2001, I only knew him as a computer guy. When he started writing this blog, I was shocked that his real talent was in writing. He wrote with honesty and hope, two things that are not easy to hold together in the midst of suffering. His story pointed his readers beyond the suffering of this life to the glory that is to come. Our friend has now entered into that glory and beholds the Savior who holds us fast. We will miss him! Brent was one of the most beautiful pictures of what faith in Jesus looks like to those who watched and read. Thank you, Brent, for pointing your friends to Jesus by your words and by your life. Joy, Caroline, Samantha, and Owen, I pray you will always remember your father as a man of faith who deeply loved the Lord and deeply loved each of you. Kim, there could have been no greater helpmate for Brent than you.


  10. Blaine Norris says:

    Brent’s words, like his life, were beautiful. Painful and hard, but a beautiful testimony to Christ — despite it all. I think we all, at some point, have wondered (or will wonder) how we would leave this earth and whether we will have made it easier or harder for those around us to believe the gospel. Brent’s honesty, openness, and sincerity with his struggles and fears— yet, confidence in Christ— have made it easier for me (and many others I’m sure) to believe. I’m thankful for him. He will be missed. Condolences and much love to his precious family.


  11. Enas Elkarim says:

    RIP Brent! He was a great man and I will forever remember him. I am so sad for his family. It’s incredibly sad.


  12. billyfindlay says:

    Though physically not with us , the impact Brent had on those that knew him will remain. His writings Evoked a desire in me to ask questions and to seek answers. I’d often send him a note after one of the posts letting him know I had to get out the dictionary again, or that I sought that passage to read further.
    He will be missed.


  13. Shannon Coker says:

    I came to know of Brent through my dear friend, his sister-in-law, Tracy Stroud when Brent was diagnosed six years ago. She asked me to pray for Brent and his family. She continued to keep me updated and then shared with me about his Blog. I would read his blog and be blown away by his words and his testimony to our Great and Living God. Inspired and challenged by his honest faith in the midst of his suffering and moved to tears many times by the rawness of his writing while also left in awe of the sacrificial, patient, gentle and tender love of Kim as she cared for him. Both amazing. By faith, I believe now that Brent looks upon the very face of his sacrificial Lamb, Lord, and Savior God, and is wholly healed and fully satisfied. To Kim and family, it has been a honor to pray for you all throughout this and I will continue in the days and weeks ahead as you miss your husband and father.
    Sharing in your loss with much love-
    Shannon Coker


  14. Heather Foster says:

    Brent showed us all what true love for family, trust in the Lord, and sacrifice really mean. He helped me put things into perspective and appreciate the loved ones in my life. His faith was unwavering; a true testimony to God. His sharing through this blog and his book have left behind a permanent gift of inspiration and challenge for us all to be stronger in our faith. Your dad was amazing and your mom’s dedication and love for him equally amazing. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Your family will remain in my prayers.


  15. konda says:

    Caroline, thank you so much for YOUR inspiration! What a strong and loving person you are to write this ! I know your dad is proud of you!
    His posts communicating his true love for Jesus and his family will surely be missed.


  16. rjswingle says:

    I sure did love your dad. He was such a good friend. So fun, funny, smart, and compassionate. I heard a million times how proud he was of all four of y’all kids and how much he loved your mom. I know for a fact his friendship and example has me a better person. His love for Jesus and the church made me love it more and believe in it more.


  17. Jules Smoak says:

    I met your parents when they agreed to talk with me in the radio. I began following your dad’s blog then. When I read it, I would laugh out loud and then choke back tears. But my faith would always grow after reading how your parent’s faith was being lived out. Your dad was always honest and real about his faith, and I’m grateful to have met him.


  18. James Moore says:

    Hi Weatherlys,
    My name is Jim and I had the pleasure of working with Brent for the last almost two years. He was a kind, gentle soul that in the midst of such a battle was always patient and kind. I have followed his blog, but never spoke to him about his fight as it seemed to be his wish. My wife and I just wanted to pass on our condolences. Since it is almost Thanksgiving, my grace will be a thankfulness in getting to know Brent.
    With all my regards,


  19. Jim Anderson says:

    Hi Caroline, this is Jim Anderson and I worked with your dad for a few years at NuSep. Just saw today unfortunately the news of your dad passing. I know your family and he went through so much the past 6 years. I only have good things to remember when I was around Brent. Please tell your mom how sorry I am to hear the news. Keep the faith and god bless your family.


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