Dust and Gold

Hey folks,

Kim and I are headed to Nashville today. The folks at Sarah Cannon will  be running tests (MRI, CT, bloodwork, eye exam, etc) to see if I’m a solid candidate for the trial.

Thanks as always for your prayers and those mysterious “thoughts”.

The picture above is from a local cotton field. I wanted to cut some stems for decoration yesterday, but I snapped a picture instead.

Now for something totally different. Here’s a poem I wrote from some feelings that I’ve been processing:

Dust and Gold

laughter tears hands in hands
a forest of legs together stand

at their feet the lonely crawl
heads down scratch and claw
trusting senses all

fight and squabble
clinging fists
dust and gold are precious

invitation from above
but fear it grips
the offer of love
away it slips

reject the mirth
search the dirt
for things of worth
buried in the earth

what you seek
can’t be found

meek they grovel
on the ground

a short fall
to final rest

fathers buried
with the mess

children searching bones
for jewels

God help the bigger fools

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  1. Mark Baine says:

    Good luck! I hope everything goes better than expected.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dbrentw26 says:

      You’re #1 Baine


  2. billyfindlay says:



  3. Marnie Witters says:



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