26 days – an update

Greetings friends and family.

I hope each of you is doing well, and I mean that especially from the standpoint of your mental and spiritual well being, because I know life ain’t easy. I know that a lot of my friends and family are hurting, and, to the extent that I’m aware, I’m praying for you. I now you are thinking of and praying for me, and that’s no cliche’, no matter what the news media might want us to believe.

I just happened to see a note on my Facebook page that said it had been 26 days since I last posted an update or vignette (someone told me that was what I wrote). I was surprised to see this, but I confirmed it. For those that are paying attention, 26 is kinda an important number for me, for big and meaningless reasons. So, I thought it appropriate to send a brief update. Not that I haven’t been writing, I have, but I just haven’t been posting.

I had a regular CT scan this past Monday, and, thankfully, the images showed stable disease. Honestly, I feel great despite a few squeaks, rattles and rumbles down below my belly button. But this time, my body told me everything was OK and not to worry, and the radiologist’s report, printed with small black ink on 20-bond paper and brought into the examination room by my oncologist, agreed with me. Thankfully. My friend and pastor, Jared, was there with me this time, and he can attest to how the printout lay in her lap like a pet elephant while she tortured me with several minutes of small talk.

Oh, and hello to my THS class of ’88 friends who I spent the evening with last Saturday. I was so encouraged by all of your kind words. The image above is from our “group group” photo (so many people taking phone pics that we didn’t know where to look). That’s me goofing off for Kim’s benefit. I can’t tag you all here, but to you, Loren (smiling sweetly), this is some sort of strange coincidence…

Blessings all


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  1. NANCY H PERRINE says:

    such great news…… love this positive report…


  2. Marcia Duren says:

    Hey Brent! Thanks for the update! It was great seeing you and you look just the same! I know your body has been through it but your genuine smile and kind heart still shine through! Keep
    Fighting! And blogging!!

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  3. Mike Wyrosdick says:

    Ditto on what Marcia said. I wished we had got to talk more but I’m glad I stay up to date with the blog and posts. Much love man and God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

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