Every Picture Tells a Story?

Any dream interpreters out there?

We all know that dreams are like lightning strikes in that 1) you cannot predict them and 2) they obviously don’t strike twice. So when you wake up from a pleasant dream or a troubling one you are either bummed or relieved because you know it won’t happen again. But Rod Stewart visited me last night. Twice. Rod. Stewart. 

In the first dream, I’m sitting on a weather-worn dock somewhere on the coast with Kim, water lapping against the pilings. I’m putting away fishing tackle because we are about to head home. One of my fishing rods has at least 4 swivels, 10 removable split-shot weights (or “sinkers” like we used to say), and various strength monofilament sections (“leaders”). But I’m pretty sure there is only one hook. We have our Bluetooth speaker playing, and on comes “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart. And I burst out in tears. I’m pinching the weights off, cutting the lines and putting everything back into the tackle box, Kim is talking to me, and I’m crying.

I wake up. (That was strange…shake that off…back to sleep)

In the next, I found myself standing in front of Rod Stewart himself. This time at a cabin near a lake, similar but different from the place where I spent much of my childhood summers. It’s night, and Rod is sitting on a couch, and I’m standing in front of him, telling him what a great voice he has. “Perfect for rock. Great range with just a hint of gravel,” holding my hand up as if I’ve pinched an inch. And then I grab a broomstick and belt out “Do ya think I’m sexy?” while he watches me with a very unaffected expression. When the song ends, I turn to the stereo to change the CD, but I realize that disc 2 of the 4 disc anthology is shattered, upsetting me.  (Yes, I own it…I bought it in 1990, ok?)

<<<< Alarm beep…Wake up Maggie, er, Brent >>>>

I’m still unsettled. Of course, I’m now listening to his anthology, trying to discern some hidden meaning.

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  1. tommymac7 says:

    Dr. Freud’s interpretation:
    DREAM 1: Rod Stewart came to your mind for several reasons – firstly your unconscious mind connected the fishing “rod” to him by name. But also , your mind waxed nostalgic for simpler, happy times of you spending summers at the lake as a child. You enjoy music and music is always associated with strong emotion— hence the song “Forever young.”
    The tears came with your recognition that time passes & we can never truly re-live those happy times.
    DREAM 2: recognition that you can make new memories, like dorking out with your famous BFF, Rod. The reason for your choice of the song “Do ya think I’m sexy?” is obviously because of your Homo-erotic feelings towards this pop icon. 😝😆😂
    BTW–psychoanalysis isn’t covered by insurance, so that’ll be $300 please.

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  2. Alex Nunez says:

    Man, I have dreams about work. I’d like some cool dreams…


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