Mischief Managed

Hey folks,

Well, I’m writing this post from a hospital bed at Athens Regional Hospital. The great news is that the doctor was successful in inserting stents into my ureters. It was close. He had a difficult time finding one of them. His words were “we got lucky”.  Though obviously dazed from the meds, when I lay in recovery and he came to see me, I gave him a big hug. I really needed to wake up to good news. And I told all of the operating team that.

They kept me in the hospital because I had hydronephrosis, and he wanted to monitor me to ensure I didn’t get dehydrated. Suffice to say, I’ve been making up for lost time in the restroom 🙂

The good news is that my creatinine level has already begun to drop. I’ll be getting out of here soon, then its home to rest, work, and to drink plenty of Gatorade. I’ll return to the doctor next Tuesday to check my creatinine level again. Once it gets in the normal range again, I can return to Nashville to finish up the screening process.

The comments, phone calls, and texts have been pretty overwhelming. Thank you so much for your support. It remains a strange thing to make your life public, but once you start, it’s kinda hard to stop–I assume that folks who are following each saga want updates!

On to the next saga….




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  1. Hal Farnsworth says:

    Great. It is good to hear some good news. I want you to know I was praying for you yesterday and I was praying for your overall health this morning asking the Lord to heal you


  2. Margaret stent says:

    Dear Brent, Terry and I are SO HAPPY TO HEAR YOUR GOOD NEWS THIS MORNING!!💕💞. We think of you and your family every day and keep you all in our hearts and prayers always😀💖


  3. 2112thman says:

    Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whew. you’re awesome. hallelujah indeed.

    *Tony Rutherford* *770-235-5282 *


  4. Blake Butler says:

    Amen Brent! So glad it was a successful placement.


  5. Kipper Koslowsky says:

    Great news! Praise God!


  6. Margaret stent says:

    Hello again, Brent…I am writing again today to ask you if you would send an invitation to BETTY WOLFROM (tbwolfrom@bellsouth.net) to follow your blog. Nancy sent her the info a couple months ago but she wasn’t successful and would like to try again. She is very interested to keep up with you💞


  7. Nancy Lester says:

    Such great news!!!

    Nancy and Charlie


  8. Ali Gilliam says:

    So thankful the procedure went well! Great news!


  9. Nancy Perrine (Koch's Mom) says:

    Wonderful and thankful to hear your news! Yes, positive news is a wonderful respite…keep up the trend, and we will all keep up the prayers.


  10. Elaine Daniel says:

    So very glad to hear about this! Stay strong and positive! Prayers for a quick recovery! Love you!! Elaine


  11. Susan Ledbetter says:



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